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Biobanks and Databases

The SUN Study Biobank

The SUN Study Biobank is a repository of sequential samples of human serum, plasma and DNA from patients with prostate cancer and healthy volunteers. Samples are collected every 6 months from the moment of diagnosis, pre-treatment and then after treatment and follow up.  Funding is in place to expand the SUN study to collect samples from patients with GI malignancies and breast cancer and in the future to also include ovarian cancer. The ethics approval is for biomarker discovery in all types of cancer. The SUN Study Biobank is a member of the NCRI Confederation of Biobanks.

Contact: Dr Agnieszka Michael

The BCSP database

The BCSP database (Bowel Cancer Screening System [BCSS]) provides a rich source of data for studies designed to enhance the performance of the BCSP.  The research team at the Southern Hub has access to the screening data for the south of England and can apply for access to data for England on a project-by-project basis. (Usual NHS NIGB Information Governance rules apply and research proposals must be approved by the BCSP Research Committee.)  The database is populated with the screening records for all individuals within the target age-range (7.7 million 60-74-year-olds in the gFOBt programme; xx million 55-year-olds in the FS programme). Records include screening activity (invitations, reminders, returned test kit details and results etc), data from SSP referrals and consultations, colonoscopy outcomes and pathology reports.

Contact: Helen Seaman, BCSP Southern Programme Hub Epidemiology Lead
Telephone: 01483 409855