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The Surrey Cancer Research Institute is a Clinical Academic Group (CAG) within Surrey Health Partners (SHP) working in partnership with Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FT, St Luke's Cancer Centre, the St Luke’s Cancer Alliance, University of Surrey, Ashford and St Peter’s NHS FT and other organisations to deliver world class research into cancer treatment and service delivery.



The following charities support research conducted by Surrey Cancer Research Institute members:

Prostate Project

The Prostate Project has used the money it has raised to support the efforts of the Royal Surrey County Hospital, St Luke’s Cancer Centre and Frimley Park Hospital to detect and treat prostate cancer. It has helped the RSCH achieve ‘Centre of Excellence’ status in the treatment of prostate cancer and has provided equipment, specialist nursing staff and runs an active patient support group. Since 2006 the Prostate Project has helped fund the Oncology Group based in the Leggett Building at the University of Surrey. http://www.prostate-project.org.uk

Topic of Cancer

Topic of Cancer was formed to raise awareness and funds for essential research into cancer immunotherapy. Funds raised by Topic of Cancer support the Oncology Group, in the Leggett Building at the University of Surrey. http://www.topicofcancer.org.uk/


GRACE is a charity that supports women with gynaecological cancers, across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. GRACE raises awareness to promote early diagnosis, funds much-needed research into causes and treatment, and provides local hospitals with vital equipment. The research has two overlapping components: clinical and translational (laboratory based) and involves clinicians from St Luke’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and scientists at the Leggett Building at the University of Surrey. http://www.grace-charity.org.uk


BRIGHT funds vital research and new treatment options for gastro-intestinal cancer patients. The charity was set up in 1996 for patients from across Surrey and Sussex who are treated at the St Luke's Cancer Centre, Royal Surrey County Hospital. The work carried out has significantly improved patients survival outcomes and treatments. BRIGHT has funded several studies based at St Luke's and also at the University of Surrey. Currently the charity is funding a two-year study at Kingston University to try to understand the mechanism of resistance of bowel cancer to therapy and to reveal which patients with bowel cancer could have increased survival rates. http://www.bright-research.co.uk


The GUTS charity aims to improve the survival rates of people with bowel cancer through better screening, detection, treatment and care. It funds screening services, equipment and research into new ways of detecting bowel cancer and better ways of treating the disease. It also strives to raise awareness of bowel cancer. http://www.gutsfbc.co.uk

Liver Cancer Surgery Appeal
Liver Cancer Surgery Appeal

The Liver Cancer Surgery Appeal (LCSA) is dedicated to raising funds for the treatment of patients with liver cancer. The charity was established specifically to raise funds to buy equipment for liver cancer surgery and to support research to improve outcomes for patients with liver cancer. http://www.liver.org.uk/